Grist wrap around cover

Hello! I hope that you're having a great week and that it's sunny where you are. Here's a new drawing created as a wrap around cover for Grist, it's for a feature discussing the export of the NHS to various new markets across the globe. I really loved drawing all the tiny islands and inland water details, it was fun to reflect on where I've travelled to and where I'd like to go.

Last week I saw the most amazing exhibitions, Aleksandra Mir's huge drawing installation at The Drawing Room (finishes tomorrow GO GO GO) and Art and Life at The Dulwich Picture Gallery featuring the glorious work of Ben and Winifred Nicholson, Christopher Wood, Alfred Wallis and William Staite Murray. It was a complete masterclass in colour and brushwork by Winifred Nicholson and I'm still reeling from the wonderful images. On Tuesday I went to see La Boheme at The Royal Opera House, such a magical night and incredible to witness those voices.

I am currently OBSESSED with creating my own clothes. As a 33 year old woman (and only a mini 4 foot 10 inches) I can never find anything to wear that I like or fits, and as an illustrator I am drawn to pattern but particularly dislike wearing other people's drawings. I am gradually creating a wardrobe of dresses created by the geniuses at Dig For Victory in Brighton, using my digitally illustrated fabric. I have commissioned Hawthorne & Heaney to turn my drawings into embroidery for one of the dresses, and this weekend I'm going to try hand block printing fabric with a botanical design. I am finding it such an exciting, creative and collaborative thing to do and I promise to show the dresses here once they're ready.

Have a great weekend, tomorrow lots of my oldest friends are coming round for a visit. I've planned afternoon tea and a boardgame marathon (but the main activity will be catching up and gossiping - I can't wait!). Have fun whatever you do x 

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Katheen said...

So cool that you're creating such personal fashion! I sewed today for the first time in decades - a simple Colette pattern - and think I have the bug. Can't wait to see your dresses!