Holland & Barrett

Hello! here's a new illustration for Holland & Barrett, I love a good massage and so I feel very jealous of the lady above. I've had a really lovely week, lots of secret meetings for new projects (can't wait to spill the beans!) floral commissions and wearing my beautiful new (hand printed) dress made by Dig For Victory in Brighton. I'm in the process of getting seven dresses made, one for each day of the week, and the new one I'm currently designing features my squirrel illustration for Harvey Nichols with long sleeves ready for the (fast approaching!) Autumn.

Yesterday I went to see the Making Colour exhibition at The National Gallery, it finishes on the 7th September and so if you can get to it before then I HIGHLY recommend it. This Bank Holiday weekend will be full of pots of tea, sketchbooks, long walks and reading, have a fantastic time whatever you get up to and I'll see you next week x

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