Residency update 2


Hope you're having a great week!

Yesterday I spent time exploring the library at The Chelsea Physic Garden. They have the most beautiful and inspiring collection and I was particularly taken with a book of embellished Nature Prints by Joseph Miller published in 1743 - STUNNING! I'm starting a new commission for the garden soon so I'm really looking forward to that.

I've finished the next draft designs for Charbonnel et Walker and I really can't wait to show them to you. So now I'm super busy hand painting designs for Jo Malone, but I wanted to take a quick break (and a giant cup of tea) to share a short film created as part of my Artist Residency funded by Ted Baker. I pinned up a huge sheet of paper to the wall (1m x 2m) and drew with charcoal. It's not great resolution here so you might prefer to view it here

You can find out more about my Residency project here and here).

Have a great weekend, I'll be working on the Jo Malone paintings and I'm planning on a few long walks and some vegan baking as well! x

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