Warehaus doors


I've been working on this project since mid 2013, creating bespoke artwork for a new mixed use development comprised of 32 flats and 5 commercial units in East London. It's called Warehaus and was developed by Union Developers with Lynas Architecture and I can finally start to show you what I've been up to all this time!

It really was the best project as they allowed me complete freedom of subject and location within the building. I was really inspired by the glass bottomed rooftop swimming pool surrounded by wildflowers in the architects plans, and so wanted to create work based on the types of plants that grow around natural water sources in the UK. I elected to create work for the residential doors, the lift and a huge piece for the atrium. As the development used a lot of brass fittings I chose to echo this in the artwork and worked with Cut-Tec to have all the work created in brass.

I was on site yesterday (it was glorious weather and the view from the rooftop swimming pool is INCREDIBLE!). All the doors are installed and the wall piece is very nearly there, so I wanted to share the designs for the doors with you today. There are seven designs that are repeated across the 32 flats. Each front door has a full size glass panel to one side containing my cut brass design. It is a sandwich with clear glass on the exterior, then my brass panel, then frosted glass in the interior to maintain privacy for the residents. The latin and common names of the plants and the flat numbers are all drawn by hand and this is reflected in the brass really well. 

I cannot wait to show you the photos of the actual development, but for now here's the door designs. You'll need to use your imagination, as wherever you see black is actually brass, and the white areas are cut out negative space.

Have a great week and next week I'll be back with a new installation for Jo Malone! x

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