Warehaus Wallpiece

Hello! I am soooooooo excited about heading off to teach at Squam Art USA next week, it really is the MOST beautiful place and I'm itching to get on the plane...

Before I go, I just wanted to give you another glimpse of the Warehaus project, it's a mixed use development of 30 flats and 5 commercial units in East London. I was commissioned to devise and create all the artwork for the development, and I was inspired by the rooftop swimming pool and wildflower garden at the top of the building. All the artwork is cut from brass, and reflects UK botanicals which are found in natural water sources.

For the large Atrium I've created a 6m x 18m wall piece from brass (you can see the design below - wherever you can see black is brass, and the white is cut away). It is a series of linked water lilies which travel up the wall across all the floors. The roof top swimming pool has a glass bottom, so the light floods the atrium and is diffused through the water creating the most beautiful shapes and shadows across the brass. I also created a lift frieze and bespoke panels for all the doors (you can find more info about the doors here) The development is VERY nearly finished and as soon as it is I'll be able to share you the photos of the real thing.

Keep an eye on my Instagram account to see what I get up to teaching drawing in New England, and I'll write all about my adventure when I get home x

Here's a closer detail so you get more of a sense of the intricacy of the design...

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