My dream dress

Hello! I had such a lovely time in Brighton yesterday eating FAR too much vegan food (the cafes there are so great), catching up with a dear friend and MOST importantly visiting the wizard Eleanor at her shop Dig For Victory to collect my beautiful new dress. This dress has been over a year in the planning and is SO much better than I ever dreamed.

I spotted the beautiful work of genius artist Amy Pliszka in Issue 3 of Hole and Corner Magazine back in July 2014. She had been creating the most wonderful pleated fabric bee hives designed from the bees’ perspective, and I pinged her an email to ask if she would consider taking on a fashion commission to create me a dress. I was so delighted when she accepted the project and set about creating a brief for her based on five key words which were, space, the moon, origami, architecture and The Jetsons. Her mood boards were amazing and her sketches, fabric and pleating samples were wonderful. Eventually we had settled on a design and so travelled to Brighton to meet my dress maker Eleanor, to discuss how best to progress and finalise all the elements.

Eleanor is a hugely creative, inventive and fun person to collaborate with. As a teeny 4 foot 10 inch miniature adult I have always struggled to find clothes that fit me and reflect my personality, and so I have spent the last few years gradually commissioning Eleanor to create me a new bespoke collection of dresses. Made to measure and deeply personal, featuring my illustrations and hand made prints. Eleanor worked with me and Amy to discuss the construction and refine the plan. Amy then set about sourcing all the fabric (there is an enormous amount of fabric in this dress, in two shades of silver silk) and creating the pleats.

Yesterday I travelled to Brighton and arrived at Eleanor's shop to see the dress displayed on a mannequin in it's full glory. I immediately tried it on (see above!) and then Eleanor got out her pins to create the final fitting (not pictured but I'm wearing it now as I type!). I collected the adjusted dress and HAD to wear it home, I can't believe it's mine and I'm so happy to have collaborated with two such talented women. I'm really enjoying my collection of NINE bespoke dresses, I wear them every day like a uniform. They are not saved for special occasions but are worn with flip flops, wellies, slippers and converse each day and bring me a HUGE amount of pleasure and satisfaction. 

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back next week with more illustrations x

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