Potassium for Holland & Barrett

Hiya, here's a new drawing of potassium rich foods created for Holland & Barrett. I'm about to start a new drawing for them on Monday about honey, so I'm looking forward to getting started on that. I've been drawing for Holland and Barrett since 2012, and I always look forward to their commissions as I LOVE drawing food and plants.

I'm getting really excited about starting year 2 of my Artist Residency at Royal Holloway University later this month - (It's funded by the lovely people at Ted Baker and you can find out more about it here). I'm planning to work MUCH BIGGER this year, and so I'm daunted by the idea of large scale paintings, but looking forward to the opportunity to really push and challenge myself.

There's so many amazing sketchbook adventures on the way for me between now and Christmas and I'm working really hard on my colour at the moment (check out my 30 day colour challenge on Instagram here). I can't wait to immerse myself in the colour palettes of Morocco and India, I think it will be such a shock to my usual muted choices, and will really shake up my approach to colour. 

OK, off now to make pancakes (it's really not the weekend without a stack of vegan banana pancakes) Enjoy the weekend, I hope it's full of hugs, movies, drawings and PANCAKES xxx

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