Hello! I'm so excited to show you my drawings for the new Origins range. I was so pleased to work with Cafedirect, they're such a wonderful company, 100% Fairtrade, and they reinvest at least 50% of their profits back into the cooperatives and communities of their farmers. I created three new packaging designs; smooth, rich and decaf and they're available to buy in shops now. I'm so proud with how they've turned out, it was a really fun job and I'd love to do more packaging work.

I've had a really lovely week, the best day was Wednesday at The Chelsea Physic Garden, they're supporting my Artist Residency at Royal Holloway University (funded by the lovely Ted Baker more info here). I spent the day learning to print from nature with artist Pia Östlund and I feel so inspired about continuing with this new (to me!) process. You can see some images from the workshop on my Instagram feed here.

I'm desperate to get back in the studio and do more messy printmaking! we're currently renting a little house just down the road in our village whilst our flat is being renovated, so apart from small watercolour work I'm having to try and be neat! It is torture as I'm desperate to make some HUGE nature prints with oil based ink NOW! ha ha, not long left should be back in my studio next week so the mess can commence very soon!

Have a wonderful weekend, I'm going to a 'Learn to Swing Dance in a Day' class tomorrow and then hibernating with my sketchbook (and probably sore feet) on Sunday! x

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