Teaching at the Hoxton

Hello! Here's a few shots of my fantastic students work from Monday's drawing class at The Hoxton Hotel. I had THE BEST time, the venue is gorgeous (the activity spaces are modelled on a New York apartment) and the staff are so nice! The exercises were based on my book Fearless Drawing, and the two hour friendly class was a chance to experiment and explore with lots of individual attention.

I'm really busy this week, working on new projects for BBC Wildlife Magazine, Holland & Barrett and I've also been commissioned to work with my favourite person - my partner Steve West (AKA Lazy Chief) on an animation so that's something completely new for me and really fun!

The Christmas decorations went up last night and I'm pleased to report that the cats did not tear them down in the night so SUCCESS! (although lets be honest, there's still plenty of time for them to pull down the tree and eat all the tinsel before the big day!) I've also smugly done all my Christmas shopping, so the rest of December will just be eating and watching Elf on repeat (and a TON of work!)

See you next week x

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