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Hello lovely

Here's a new illustration for BBC Wildlife Magazine, it accompanies an article by Charles Foster about his experience of spending time with his son living as a badger! It was really fun to draw their heads and I LOVED drawing the worms!

This week has been mostly Bracknell/ Epping focused (I'm currently creating permanent artwork for the redevelopment of Bracknell Town Centre, and designing seven flats in Epping) and I've been very busy...

- learning from local historian Paul Lacey about the history of Bracknell
- working with architect Michael Lynas on the Epping project
- exploring the landscape, plants and animals across Bracknell Borough with Countryside Ranger Rob Soloman
- finishing off storyboards for the animation I'm creating with Lazy Chief for a US brand
- painting for my residency project
- creating mood boards for the Epping Project

And today...
- meeting with the lovely team at Ted Baker to discuss my residency (which they fund!)
- meeting with the architect at BDP specialising in the lighting plans for Bracknell

This weekend I'm off to explore Epping Forest with a picnic, there will also be LOTS of sleeping, sketchbooks, tea and snacks.

See you soon xxx

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