Charbonnel et Walker - Final Valentines Designs


I'm so excited to share the final designs for my collaboration with Charbonnel et Walker for their Valentines Day range. If you look back over my last two blogposts you can see the design process that led to this final illustration. It really focuses on the jewel feathers of the peacock, and includes a crown on the head (as one of Charbonnel's iconic chocolate designs is a crown) and a feather detail along the edge of the box. I'm really proud of the range and was excited to see it popping up in stores all over London yesterday! Next week the window vinyl and foam POS boards will be installed, so I'll bring you photos of that asap. Huge thanks to Jo and Ruth at Charbonnel for such a beautiful and romantic commission.

I'm still working really hard on my animations with Lazy Chief for a US brand. It's been really interesting creating the story boards and learning how to make my drawings come to life. I'm also working on the Bracknell Project (I'm designing a range of permanent artwork for the redevelopment of Bracknell Town Centre). At the moment I'm focusing on possible locations and materials and so far plan to work with lighting, glass, plastic, concrete, corten steel and granite so I have a HUGE amount of learning and experimenting to do!

I also had an important meeting about the Epping Project (I've been commissioned by GS8 to collaborate with Lynas Smith Architects to create a series of flats in Epping). The next step is a series of workshops between me and the architect to start planning the concept and direction of the work - the first of which is next week HURRAH!

Last week I completed my voice over for the Ted Baker promotional animations about my residency. It was VERY fun but I did collapse into uncontrollable giggles twice during the session. The type I used to have at school, NOTHING was funny but I COULD NOT stop laughing. Even writing this is making me giggle again. Oh well, thank heaven for editing!

Looking forward to chatting again next week, have a great weekend!

Kerry x

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