Charbonnel et Walker - process/ progress


So this week I'm continuing to show you the process behind my Valentines 2016 Collection commissioned by Charbonnel et Walker (available in store very soon!).

After the initial designs (see here) the feedback was that they were keen to incorporate the jewellery moodboard, with the animal moodboard:

Peacocks were suggested and so I devised this VERY rough design (see below) where the peacock feathers were depicted as jewels.

The feedback from this was that...
- they only wanted one peacock not two
- smaller eyes (less cartoon and more realistic) 
- they liked the single colour line drawing (rather than the coloured in options)
- they wanted to try a decorative and flamboyant feather headdress (below) which they had seen on a personal piece I had created a few years ago...

I then set to work creating this more serious peacock drawing...

The feedback from this was that they wanted a much smaller peacock body (without the headdress) with the design focused on lots and lots of feathers. Pop back next week to see what I came up with (I know - I'm such a tease!)

In other news... I'm having a lovely week working on an animation for a US company (very floral and collaborating with my favourite human Lazy Chief HURRAH) and brainstorming for Bracknell (- I've been commissioned to create the artwork for the redevelopment of the town centre). I'm also doing a voiceover for Ted Baker on Friday to accompany a series of animation they're making about my residency project (for which they are the lovely funders).

OK, back to work (me, not you - you can have a lovely cup of tea and put your feet up)

See you next week x

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