'Birds of Paradise' colouring book

Hello! I'm so pleased to share my new colouring book 'Birds of Paradise'. It was a fantastic commission as I was able to choose the topic. I had just watched a David Attenborough documentary on Birds of Paradise and was excited to use this opportunity to spend more time learning about all the different AMAZING species. It's an accordion book, folding out across eight panels with extra info and activities on the back. It will be published on March 1st, so keep your eyes out for a copy or you can pre-order from Amazon here.

I've had a great week, Tuesday was the big day for the Epping Project (I have been commissioned to design seven flats in Epping, which will be realised by an architect). I had to present my initial design to the developers and architect, and it COULD NOT have gone better. The next step is huge, I need to work closely with the architect to translate my ideas into reality which is hugely exciting.

Last night I was at a fundraising event for The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) at the V&A, it was spectacular and so much fun. QEST are the most amazing organisation, I became a QEST scholar in 2007 and it COMPLETELY changed my life. They funded my study at Cambridge School of Art in Illustration which enabled me to earn my living as an artist. They're a wonderful organisation supporting artists across the UK and if you (or anyone you know) needs funding to attend further study or undertake an apprenticeship then you should DEFINITELY apply!

This weekend I'm off to the Devon seaside, I'm craving some long walks followed by chips and long chats. I hope your weekend is full of lovely things and I'll be back soon with more gossip from the studio x

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