Holland & Barrett

Hiya, here's a new illustration for Holland & Barrett for an article about collagen - dot heaven for me as I'm obsessed with dotty shading!

Busy week again,  especially Monday when I was filming in my studio for Daler Rowney. My flat was full of people and acres of equipment but 11 hours later it was all over and I CANNOT wait to show you what we got up to! Other than that there's been the usual drawing in my studio on a range of projects*, and lots of meetings (some secret but most for Bracknell**). I'm really looking forward to tomorrow as I'll be spending the day with the curator in the off site storage of Reading Museum, looking at all the things in their VAST collection that relate to Bracknell - YIPEEE!

See you next time x

*fashion illustrations, two animations, packaging, my residency and designing seven flats in Epping. ** I'm creating all the artwork for the redevelopment of Bracknell Town Centre. 

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