Samples, samples...


So excited about tomorrow, I'm off to spend the day at Setworks as they're fabricating the furniture I've designed for one of my public art projects. Keep on eye on my Instagram as I'm bound to share what I'm up to!

Last week 36 x 50cm high wooden cutouts arrived at the studio for me to check (they're for another element of the same project) they arrived on a HUGE articulated lorry - the driver of which was rather bemused to be backing into a little block of flats in my village! They're created from my hand drawings of plants and digitally cut by water jet by the superb team at Scribblestone.  They'll eventually be cut in brass, so I was just checking them in wood first!

I then got to visit AJ Wells on the Isle of Wight (for another element of the same project) they make architectural enamel and it was amazing to find out more about the process. It was so nice to visit the Isle of Wight again, it was a lovely sunny day and I had a GIANT ice cream!

I've also been working on projects for The Garden Museum and Eton Museum of Natural History so I'm hoping to take the weekend off to relax with friends and see some exhibitions. 

Have a great weekend whatever you're up to!

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