More samples samples...

Hiya, I hope that you've had a great week! Here's some snaps from last Friday at Setworks where I got to check MORE samples for the public art project I'm working on. I'm absolutely loving this stage of the project, getting to see my drawings translated into so many different materials and scales.

It's still bonkers in the studio - what's new? I'm currently working on the public art projects alongside commissions for the Garden Museum, Eton Natural History Museum, and on the design for the mural I'll be painting in Tokyo this November - PHEW!

This weekend will be full of long cafe dates with friends (ie, cake eating and gossiping), Strictly Come Dancing (I am OBSESSED) and working on my inspiration scrapbooks.

Have a great one whatever you get up to (join in the cake bit tho as that's the best bit) x

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