Charbonnel et Walker Halloween packaging


WOW I'm so pleased I can FINALLY share the packaging work I did for the lovely people at Charbonnel et Walker (following on from the Valentines boxes I created for them earlier in the year). It was a tricky brief as they were after a round box, a square box and a gift tag that would be fun AND elegant, appealing for for adults AND children, male AND female - this sort of brief is right up my street, an open brief with a big challenge. I am SO proud of the final design, and hope it strikes the right balance  I really like the navy blue with the orange and the gold foiling, and it was a lovely chance to incorporate some hand lettering in the title, the logo, the box weight and the interior of the square box lid.

This week has been full of London meetings and working on the design for my hand painted mural (I'm off to Tokyo to paint it in November). It's bonkers at the moment juggling lots of jobs but I'm taking Saturday off to go to The Gallery of Everything, The Jerwood Drawing Prize, see friends in the afternoon and my sisters and GLORIOUS nephew in the evening to watch Strictly Come Dancing (my addiction to that show increases year on year!). Sunday I will be back in the studio fuelled by tea and a mountain of toast (Autumn = a diet of tea and toast for me he he).

Take care and I'll be back next week with new work for Marks and Spencer! xx

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