Marks & Spencer Autumn Range

Hello you

Here's some new mug and tea towel designs created for Marks & Spencer last year and hitting the shops right about now,  I always LOVE drawing plants so this was right up my street!

This week has been pretty crazy, lots of project meetings each day and so I've been yearning for time in the studio so HOORAY for tomorrow's full studio day! 
I'll be up early to work on my:
- mural design for Tokyo (I'm heading out there to paint it in November)
- Tree trail for the Garden Museum
- Timeline for the Eton Natural History Museum
I've also designed the pattern for my new winter coat (to be printed at The Centre for Advanced Textiles in Glasgow on velvet and made by Dig for Victory in Brighton) so I need to get a sample printed as I can't choose between mustard or emerald - thoughts please!

Have a great weekend, my Saturday plans are for London Galleries and Sunday for walking, reading books and eating pancakes xx

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