Squam Drawing Class

AGHHHH I'm SO EXCITED that my online drawing class filmed at Squam HQ in June has now... officially... launched!

Squam offers the most AMAZING creative retreats in New England, and I've been lucky enough to teach at the July sessions in 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 (see my most recent Squam adventure here). Last year Squam founder Elizabeth got in touch to find out if I'd like to design an online drawing class, fly out before the July gathering and film the class at Squam HQ in Providence and (of course!) I said YES!

I really enjoyed all the stages of the process, designing the drawing activities, working out how best to demonstrate them whilst in the UK and then spending time in B E A U T I F U L Providence filming each of the lessons. I wasn't sure how I'd find teaching on camera but I LOVED IT! the entire team made me feel really at home, relaxed and confident. I've always loved teaching and this class gives me the opportunity to teach drawing to people ALL OVER THE WORLD, in their own homes, at what ever time suits them!

I'm so proud of this course, the lessons are loosely based on the ethos of my book 'Fearless Drawing' but with lots of new activities and tips. The ENTIRE PURPOSE of the class is to have fun, try lots of new things, build confidence and make drawing part of your daily life. Head over to this link here to watch the trailer and find out more. 

I'm so excited that I'll get to see people working on the lessons, so please share what you're up to using the hashtag #squamdrawingwithkerrylemon on Instagram 
(All photos used in this blogpost by Forrest Elliot)

In other news...
Still manic in the studio trying to get all my projects sorted before I head off to paint my mural in Tokyo (less than a month now!) I've finished the projects for Eton Natural History Museum and The Garden Museum so it will be great to share those soon. Next week is a mix of studio time (working on the public art projects) and lots of travel for meetings in London/ Glasgow/ Maidstone - wish me luck ! x


Willa Gebbie said...

Kerry, You are soooo cute in the video. <3

Tiffany N said...

Very excited about your course but I can not seem to find how much footage is included. What is the approximate length?

sunil kumar said...
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Kerry said...

Thanks Willa!

Kerry said...

Hi Tiffany, I think Elizabeth has Squam has helped with your query - shout out with any other questions! x