Mould making


Hope you've had a fun week, mine's been great, lots of meetings in London, Cardiff and Bristol but all interesting and exciting! Today I was at Setworks turning the clay sculptures I've made into moulds, which was A M A Z I N G (see the images below...) Keep tuned to Instagram as I'll be back at Setworks next Tuesday for part 2 where we'll be actually casting the bugs in resin. Eventually they will be cast in solid brass as part of the street furniture I've designed for a public art project, so this is my chance to properly test and check the design before they go to Mexico for brass casting.

I'm all set for Tokyo and really cannot wait! I leave next Thursday and I'll be out there for three weeks hand painting a mural at a University. I've been working long hours, travelling to meetings and getting all my projects sorted before I go, so I'm looking forward to a weekend with family eating far too much food, watching Strictly and playing with my nieces.

I hope you have a brilliant weekend - the next time I blog will be from Japan eeeeeeek! x


Kristi Shreenan said...

Kerry, you have so many wonderful and exciting opportunities awaiting you. I'm delighted for you b/c you have earned it all and deserve it all. Enjoy every single moment...including the crazed ones when you are busy beyond belief. I can't wait to see your coat...mustard is a favorite color of mine, but emerald sounds divine as well. Perhaps you need 2 coats!!! I'm hoping to get your class for a Christmas present...because after all I have been VERY good this year, and Santa has been watching! Enjoy your travels, your installation, your holidays.
Kristi from Squam XO

Kerry Lemon said...

Hello Kristi - Thank you SO MUCH for all your kind words and thoughts - they are much appreciated! xxx