A visit to the fabricators...

Hiya all

Hope that you're having a lovely week - if not there's always cake! 

It's been a lovely, sunshiny Spring day which is marvellous because (in case you haven't noticed) I LOVE flowers, however this does mean that my days of wearing THE WORLDS BEST COAT are numbered (I was bloody boiling today!)

There is a scary quantity of work in the studio at the mo, but it's all TOO exciting so as long as I'm organised all will be well, current list is...
4 x public art projects
1 x branding project
1 x advertising project
2 x packaging projects

I'm also loving exploring screen printing, I've been working with Daler Rowney's System 3 drawing ink and screen block and then combining their printing medium 1:1 with my acrylic paints - see Instagram for images of what I've been up to. I don't think I'll have any time for screen printing this week as tomorrow I have a million (slight exaggeration) things to do and then Fri I'm lecturing at UCA, Sat is brunch with a lovely friend and then a party in the evening and Sun is a HUGE catch up with my uni friend and then a Skype gossip with a US pal in the evening. But the screen printing stuff is calling me... stay tuned...

The image above is from Mondays visit to the fabricators Setworks to look at lots of stuff for the public art project I'm doing in Berkshire (1 of the 4 big public art jobs at the mo) it's my favourite brass bug, I've sculpted nine different bugs and they're an element of the street furniture I've designed.

OK, heading off to cuddle the cats


Kerry x

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