Ideas Island


This week I discovered that I've been selected for the most INCREDIBLE artist residency, creating a series of drawings on my very own private island in Sweden! No one else will be there but me (and my partner Steve West) and it looks and sounds like heaven to me. The project is called Ideas Island, it was created by author and speaker Fredrik Härén and he selects creative people to stay for free for one week on his island to work on their ideas.

The island Vifärnaholme is a 7,000 sqm, private island close to Stockholm Sweden with its own hammock, beach and dock. The house is located in the middle of the island so it is only a few meters to the water on all sides and you access the island via rowing boat. "Even though it is one of the 10 most central private islands in Stockholm, the island feels very isolated and secluded once you are on it. In most directions you see nothing but water and trees, yet you always know you are close to civilization."


(Photo taken by Laura Shin)

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