Frottage stones


Cor, I had a lovely, gossipy time last weekend in Bath with my friend Carrie. We lived together all through our University years and it was SUCH a treat to spend the weekend together. There was much laughter, PJ's and buying little things for my new flat (HURRAH!).

This week I've sent three out of the four elements of the South Gloucestershire project to the fabricators. I'm creating all the artwork for a new Bellway Homes development, and after research I decided to make all the work about local birdlife. I'm making weathervanes, tiles, paving and life sized bird sculptures that will sit on the street name plates. The tiles, weathervanes and paving are all now at the fabricators so I can concentrate finishing the bird sculptures by the end of the month (currently 5 down - 3 to go!). Thanks again to Studio Response for the marvellous project!

I thought I'd share the designs for the frottage paving stones with you today. I've designed 3 x 60cm dia circular stones depicting which birds can be found in the different areas of the development; 1. the pond, 2. the allotments and 3. the play area. These stones have been designed so that people can take rubbings from them and take the pictures home. Huge thanks to Martyn Hayes (@Southglosbirds on Twitter) and Mya Rose Craig (@BirdgirlUK on Twitter) for their help and advice in selecting the appropriate birds for each element of this commission.

Here's the three designs ready to be blasted in stone:

Here's a small sample (made by the lovely folk at Scribble Stone in Yorkshire for me to check the concept and have a go at rubbing):

This weekend I'll need to work on Saturday, but then Sunday I'm off to Devon to see my glorious nieces. I'm looking forward to seeing the sea and embarking on a full day of their favourite make believe game called 'Teenagers'. It basically revolves around the three of us having mobile phones and multiple boyfriends - HA!

I'll be back next week - have fun till then x

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