Brass birds


Cor, lots going on in the studio (some secret for now but hopefully can share by next week!)

Mostly working on the 65m of illustrated hoardings for the front of the Walworth Town Hall (more here), but also starting to plan the permanent artwork for the Barratt Homes development and new country park in Laverstock. All really exciting (esp the secret stuff... but my lips are sealed... although I'm dying to tell you!)

OK, this week I CAN share some shots of the brass birds taken by the lovely fabricators London Mouldmakers. I sculpted these by hand, baked them in my oven and then sent them off to the fabricators to be cast. I'm so chuffed with them. They're going to adorn the street name signs on a Bellway development in South Gloucestershire and I'm excited to see them installed. They'll be accompanied by the tiles, paving and weathervanes I've also created for the project (thanks to Studio Response).

OK, it is now officially the weekend - this means pancakes on Saturday and PJ Paint Club on Sunday WHOOP WHOOP! It also normally means chocolate but I'm still feeling a bit green around the gills after my Easter indulgence (it was ridiculous - the sheer quantity beggars belief - I am 4 foot 10" - no human can eat that much chocolate - and yet reader....... I did!)

See you soon x

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