Cornerstone Painting

Wowzer - look at all that lovely glass!

I've been commissioned to paint the giant windows at the Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot with a lovely festive design. Expect lots of white baubels and snowflakes with touches of bright yellow and orange to match the colour of the building. As it's such a giant undertaking (and I am such a tiny woman at 4' 10"!) I'll be using a cherry picker to reach the upper windows. I'm really looking forward to working on this as I had such a great time in September painting the window at the Electrum Gallery on South Molton Street in London.

I'll be creating the Christmas window in Didcot on the following 10 dates:
Monday 22nd November
Tuesday 23rd November
Wednesday 24th November
Thursday 25th November
Saturday 27th November
Sunday 28th November
Monday 29th November
Wednesday 1st December
Thursday 2nd December
Monday 6th December
So if you're near Didcot do pop down and give me a wave!

The Christmas show at the beautiful Wey Gallery in Godalming was hung last Monday, and I have some framed screenprints and original drawings in the show. It's a really lovely space and fantastic to have my work shown amongst such fantastic company so if you're able to visit do! It's next door to the most amazing greengrocer so make sure you pop in there to stock up, and to counteract all that healthy eating there's also an old fashioned sweetshop HURRAH!

I've smugly just finished all my Christmas shopping, but if you've still got Christmas presents to get then do pop into my online shop and have a browse around. Steve has banned me from decorating the house until Dec 1st (this is understandable as I would have completed this by October without his influence of restraint!) I am however secretly planning the decorations and I'm currently considering buying a fake Christmas tree for this year, I normally always buy a real one as it smells amazing but far I'm too lazy with the needles (or more accurately with bothering to hoover!) What do you have - a fake tree or a real one?

Enjoy the rest of your week, I'm working like the clappers in order to attempt to take the weekend off as it's mine and Steve's 13 year anniversary (gasp! hip hip hooray! that boy deserves a medal etc etc) x

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