Wedding Illustrations

Here's a new rose illustration which was created to decorate Hannah and Mark's table plan. It was designed to complement their Wedding stationery which I created for them earlier in the year (more info about that here).

I'm still plotting and planning for 2012 and beyond, so there's a lot of day dreaming going on here! I'll commit a new plan to paper towards the end of the month but I'm really enjoying the process, and pushing myself to be very ambitious.... watch this space!...

In other news...

- I'm working on some lovely new drawings for Pet Plan and Credit Suisse at the moment.
- I've taken down the Christmas tree and replaced it with daffodils
- I'm rather pleased with how my sketchbook is looking at the moment, I've been drawing with pencil (rather than my usual pens) and I'm enjoying the speed and the new ranges of marks this create - I'll share soon.
- I start my new weekly drawing class at the British Museum soon, I'm so excited. It will be quite a stretch for me as it is a 10 week class each Friday 10-5pm. I can already sense a lot of weekend work to make up for bunking off each Friday but I can't wait HURRAH!

Have a lovely week x


Maureen said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I am sold on regular visits now. Beautiful work. I especially love the peacock that you did for the store.

Kerry said...

Thanks very much Maureen x