Hand painting the Bond Street Boodles Store

Here I am hand painting the flagship Boodles store on Bond Street in London this week. I added snowflakes to the glass and hand painted the glass pillars to look like birch trees.

I've been working hard creating ALL the window schemes for the Boodles branches in the UK:
Bond Street London, Sloane Street London, Royal Exchange London, Harrods London, The Savoy Hotel London, Chester, Liverpool, Manchester and Dublin but Bond Street is the only one with the hand painted touches. 

It was such an amazing brief and the Boodles team were a real pleasure to work with - I'm so proud of the final schemes and can't wait to show you more photos next week!

In the top photo of the Bond Street window exterior you can see a glimpse of the laser cut pattern I designed to serve as tablecloths for the plinth. If you look closely at the pattern you can see the Boodles "B" logo featuring very prominently. Above is the original laser cut pattern which took the machine THREE HOURS! to cut out, so it had to be simplified by a third for the final window schemes. I  would really like to take on more commissions to explore laser cutting as It's such a fantastic way to bring my drawings to life, and enable them to be repeated across multiple venues!

Many thanks to Stephen Peskett for his fantastic photography and lovely company. He'll be documenting all the London Boodles windows later this week and I look forward to sharing them with you very soon x

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