Boodles Harrods

Bonjour this post comes to you from Paris, I am staying for two weeks to attend meetings and create paintings in anticipation of my exhibition in Japan next March (which is fast approaching!)

The image above is a quick snap of one of the Boodles display cases in Harrods London which I took just before I left London. This one doesn't have any jewellery in (but you get the idea!) it is created like a theatre set in three layers, at the front a tree, in the middle a suspended robin and then the back panel depicts another tree. I've had really lovely feedback from these windows, and it feels great to imagine how many people must be seeing these drawings daily across the nine UK stores.

I'm having a wonderful time in Paris, I have a really beautiful apartment in Montmarte (which I have turned into my art studio!) It has two full length windows (with gorgeous window boxes and shutters) so it's flooded with light and perfect for painting in. I've been taking photos of the paintings in process (and the odd snap around Paris) on instagram which you can see here.

Yesterday I received a new commission for The Times (UK), so today I will be working hard on that (with lots of baked goody breaks!) before Steve arrives to visit at the weekend.

Next week I'll share the recent commission for the LA Times, until then have a great week! x

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