My book cover HUZZAH!

Here's the cover of my book HUZZAH! I really can't believe that I've written (and illustrated!) an entire book and it's so excited to now see it all coming together, I can't wait until it's a physical object that I can hold in my hands!

This week's been busy, a wrap around cover for Grist, drawing Kevin McCloud's garden for Waitrose and working on a new Christmas brief for 2014! I am also completely OBSESSED with my sketchbook at the moment (have a look at my Instagram feed to see my doodles) I can't stop drawing!

Last weekend I went to see the Jerwood Drawing Prize and the Memory Palace at the V&A, yesterday a new show at Tate Modern opened a survey of Mira Schendel's gorgeous work so I'm plotting to see that asap!

Have a great weekend, I'm aiming for a lazy one with snacks, movies and my sketchbook! x

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