I am OBSESSED with Christmas and talk about it constantly year round. My poor partner has created a rule that I am not allowed to mention the big day until after his birthday on the 1st August, but I am completely unable to comply. I therefore LOVE any Christmassy commissions (especially as they are often completed in the summer!) Here's my Christmas card commissioned for Petplan, and next week I can share my card for the Historic Royal Palaces whoop whoop!

This year I am even worse than usual, as combined with Christmas I have top secret and BEYOND EXCITING news.... (drum roll) .... I have two MOST amazing commissions, total dream jobs and once in a lifetime opportunities:

1. I have been commissioned by a new developer to design seven flats and a commercial unit in Essex. Usually (obviously) architects design buildings and then an artist is pulled in to add some artwork to it. This developer wants the artist to design the building and then the architect to realise the artists vision. I KNOW!! HOW AWESOME IS THIS!!!???

2. I have also been commissioned to create all the artwork for the redevelopment of Bracknell Town Centre. This is a HUGE project, which will see me working on a site wide project across lots of different materials metal, concrete glass etc and is exactly the type of job I had dreamed of I CANNOT BELIEVE MY LUCK!

I am also delighted to report that I have (so far) managed to only eat one advent calendar chocolate each day. There is still time to scoff the lot over the sink (which normally happens around the 5th December) but so far so good.

Have a fun weekend and I'll see you next week xxx

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