Proportion - Fashion Illustrations


SO EXCITED to share these new illustrations for the LOVELY folk at Proportion London. They design and create the most beautiful mannequins for designers and stores, and asked me to illustrate their new collection: "Mademoiselle". It was a really lovely brief; elegance, sophistication, lots of soft watercolour and a 'Madmen' late 50's early 60's feel so I just started with one figure initially and here's what I came up with...

The feedback was for lighter and brighter and less definition - more smoky and mysterious - so here's where we ended up...

I then moved on to two more figures, one needed to be holding a bag and the other needed wide leg trousers...

I really enjoyed collaborating with them on this, they usually do all their advertising with photography but wanted to try something a bit different with these new figures and work with an illustrator and I'm so pleased it was me!

In other news still madly getting on with all the other projects (including a new one for Waitrose this week which has already come and gone!) This weekend I'll be working as next week I'm off to Edinburgh to meet some scientists at the University as part of my Residency Project.

Have a lovely time whatever you get up to xxx

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