Visiting lecturer - CSVPA


Here's some photos (taken by wonderful Mandy) from my day spent lecturing at CSVPA in Cambridge last week. I was invited to give my "How to be an Illustrator" talk to their illustration students and then spent the afternoon (after a lovely lunch) giving individual crits. It was such a great day, they have really great studios, full of light and with beautiful views over the Cambridge skyline and their students are bright, engaged, creative and VERY talented. 

I thought I'd also share a little bit about my dress... it's custom made by Dig For Victory in Brighton. I created the pattern from my chairs illustration (pictured above) where I spent the day with my sketchbook in Heals drawing all the chairs. I then created the repeat and got the fabric printed through Spoonflower. I wear it ALL THE TIME and can just shove it in the washing machine when covered in tea and ketchup!

I'm having a LOVELY week, two of the most exciting things are secret BOOOO, I have signed an NDA for one which means I'll get chopped up if I even breathe a whisper of it! But Wednesday I went to Reading Museum to photograph the Dumbleton Collection as part of the research for my commission created artwork across the urban fabric of Bracknell Town Centre's regeneration - it was AWESOME!

Have a lovely week and UK peeps enjoy the bank holiday! xx

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